The Artist who is already way past for him to be considered one. Really? To be an academic is not a becoming then. But then one does get better at placing themselves. Where else would one place the enthusiastic feminist, ready to take on the men. No, no; no individual is bigger than the group, … Continue reading GBoard.


Being a Woman, Being Zorami

Zorami, a novel by Malsawmi Jacob, is the coming-of-age story of a girl called Zorami in the war torn state of Mizoram, India. The author hints at the form the novel intends to take by a subtitle, ‘a redemption song’. There are frequent instances where the author uses verse as a form to express either … Continue reading Being a Woman, Being Zorami

The Notion of Minority Enunciation in Alex Haley’s Roots

According to Deleuze and Guattari, Franz Kafka understands the problem of expression not in an abstract and universal fashion but in relation to those literatures that are considered minor literature. The Jewish literature of Warsaw and Prague (Kafka was born in Prague) and the variety of German spoken in these territories delineates an oppressive minority … Continue reading The Notion of Minority Enunciation in Alex Haley’s Roots


Two Contrasting Occupations and the Nagas’ Struggle for Liberation 

  Introduction The book ‘These Hills Called Home – Stories from a War Zone by Temsula Ao[1] focuses on the troubled Northeastern region of Nagaland, a modern day state under the nation state of the Indian Union. The Naga people have experienced more than half a century of bloodshed, and their struggle for an independent … Continue reading Two Contrasting Occupations and the Nagas’ Struggle for Liberation 



All things said and done. A 'missed chance' is a chance gone. One can only think of what could have been. A half a chance on the football field needs to be converted into a chance and then taken. It is like everything else in life I guess, life provides half a chance, a whiff … Continue reading Miss


W for?

It is past midnight and coming to think of the day, I am surprised and taken aback by the amount of words written.  I, Summarized a chapter titled 'Language of African Literature' by Ngugi. (Satisfactory) Paraphrased a Book Review on Coetzee's Waiting For the Barbarians. (Okayish) Somehow finished an incomplete review of an essay by … Continue reading W for?


The Khutbah

This is my dear Abdur Rahman Ustad. Ustad here refers to a teacher or a master.  I used to learn Arabic and a little Qur'an from him as a high school kid. At the same time, he used to make it a point to clarify doubts he had in English. To remain a learner as … Continue reading The Khutbah