Post Eid Fajr

I am up early after going to sleep on the sofa out in the living room. I wake up sometime in the night and walk past my uncle and cousins who are up watching the Croatia-Nigeria match. It was almost stoppage time and the Croats were two goals to the good. Another African heartbreak, when … Continue reading Post Eid Fajr


Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XXVII

We surely couldn't have ignored the mosque closest to our house in Nadakkave neighborhood of Calicut. The Jilla Palli (district mosque) is a small Sunni palli painted bright green in colour. It is a unique name compared to other names that mosques usually attach itselves with. Though not one of the more catchy or significant … Continue reading Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XXVII

Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XXVI

It is the final lap of Ramadan and the finish line, ahead of the mirages, is visible in the distance. The team is not the most enthusiastic of bunches tonight as we look for an 'interesting' mosque. There is still no shortage of mosques in town but one may have to choose carefully lest we … Continue reading Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XXVI

Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XXIII

15 minutes past eight. Time we leave the house or our Isha' prayer and the subsequent blog entry will be in jeopardy. The ethno-spiritual nature of the project strikes us in full force as we near the latter stages of Ramadan this year. We are joined tonight by Kabir, popular vocalist based in Calicut and … Continue reading Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XXIII