The Khutbah

This is my dear Abdur Rahman Ustad. Ustad here refers to a teacher or a master.  I used to learn Arabic and a little Qur'an from him as a high school kid. At the same time, he used to make it a point to clarify doubts he had in English. To remain a learner as … Continue reading The Khutbah


Football Fever

The Indian national football team has beaten Macau 4-1 to top the group and enter the Asian cup for the fourth time!​ On the other hand, e​​​​​​ach and every attacking or defensive move by the Indian under 17 football team at the FIFA Under-17 World Cup makes me wonder, there is much more this 'sleeping … Continue reading Football Fever

Book Review – The Idea of Communism, Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali, the blurb says, is a writer and filmmaker, long time political activist and campaigner. He has written over a dozen books on world history and politics, including The Clash of Fundamentalisms and Bush in Babylon. The first novel in his Islamic Quintet, Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree, has received wide acclaim and was … Continue reading Book Review – The Idea of Communism, Tariq Ali



It is the third Monday of September, and I have not written my first blog post of the month yet. As things stand, it is clear that I would not be able to post one for this week either. It would be possible to get your mind off something banal by getting back to writing … Continue reading Ayyo!


The Shop

We have always known this shop (first from left) as 'Shettigar'inde pedia' or Shettigar's Shop. It used to and continues to have an answer to almost everything the house needs. From tarkaari (vegetables) to masala powder, akki (rice) and other grocery, the shop has it all!  This shop though holds a special allure to the … Continue reading The Shop


The Box to Box Player!

After almost a decade of watching football, playing FIFA and PES on computers, fanfaring, being a supporter and most importantly experiencing and playing the beautiful game - I have zeroed in on a playing position for scrutiny, the central defensive midfield. It is otherwise known as the defensive midfield or the holding midfield.  This position … Continue reading The Box to Box Player!


The Climb

I wouldn't want to make a personal diary of this place, but this morning was unlike any other. And hence deserves an exception.  It begins at 6:10am, with the sound of the standard nokia alarm clock. I slowly pull myself up for my morning ablution. The role of Fajr namaz is usually underrated by writers … Continue reading The Climb