The Artist who is already way past for him to be considered one. Really? To be an academic is not a becoming then. But then one does get better at placing themselves. Where else would one place the enthusiastic feminist, ready to take on the men. No, no; no individual is bigger than the group, … Continue reading GBoard.



All things said and done. A 'missed chance' is a chance gone. One can only think of what could have been. A half a chance on the football field needs to be converted into a chance and then taken. It is like everything else in life I guess, life provides half a chance, a whiff … Continue reading Miss

W for?

It is past midnight and coming to think of the day, I am surprised and taken aback by the amount of words written.  I, Summarized a chapter titled 'Language of African Literature' by Ngugi. (Satisfactory) Paraphrased a Book Review on Coetzee's Waiting For the Barbarians. (Okayish) Somehow finished an incomplete review of an essay by … Continue reading W for?


Being Adult

The journey from being a young adult to becoming an adult is filled with instances of knowing who our loved ones are. Some of these instances turn sour and become distanced relationships. Once we know who these loved ones are, we stick together, through the ebb and flow of life. 


Annihilation of Caste – I

Who was Babasaheb Ambedkar writing to? Who were the political and scholarly contemporaries of Dr BR Ambedkar? What are his scholarly works? What are his academic works? What are his political works? Are they all the same?  Let us try and historicize Babasaheb (as he was and continues to be fondly referred to), and try … Continue reading Annihilation of Caste – I


Writing, a Selfless Act?

I write. This is a sentence. Now we both read it. The moment I finish writing a letter, a word and a sentence; the reader in both you and I begin to read the letter, the word and the sentence. Reading and Writing was never two different acts, was it? They are two different words, … Continue reading Writing, a Selfless Act?



Q: Do you enjoy sport? A: I am offended by the question. Q: Why so, Sir? A: Because that is almost all I do, play. And then when I am not playing, I think (about the game). And also, please address me by my name. Q: What is your favourite game, Ali? A: 1. Football … Continue reading Fan-Fandom-Fanfare-Fanatic