Night – XXI

The girls outnumber the boys 4 - 3. There is no way that the boys are going out tonight without the girls. Yeji is the only Qur'an reciting person in the house as she settles down and asks the rest of us night crawlers to get out. We shall be back tomorrow!


Masjidon ke Darmiyan – XX

We had zeroed in on a couple of names for the blog on Ramadan Series and I (the academic in me?) had been taken over by the earlier title until today. Darmiyan refers to a state of being in-between and there is no better word that comes to mind that describes our present scenario. We … Continue reading Masjidon ke Darmiyan – XX

Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XVIII

Tonight's visit to Munnakkara Palli is totally one that none of us team members had foreseen at the beginning of the Ramadan Series project. This most charming of mosques was built by the Memon Muslims of Calicut who are known as Alai's among the locals, as mentioned in the book Kozhikotte Muslingale Charitram. Located just … Continue reading Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XVIII

Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XVII

It is time for Isha' and we are at East Nadakkavu Juma Palli. This is the second mosque we have visited in the neighbourhood, this time to the East of Nadakkavu. A comparison of the more recent Mujahid palli, and the old, renovated, and beautifully lit Sunni palli gives us an idea about how similar … Continue reading Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XVII

Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XV

Our team is back together at Chemmala Palli with three of our very own additions in Baka, DJ Za, and Mesut. The mosque is located on the road that leads from Ramanattukara to the rest of Southern Kerala. With the arrival of the new bypass that connects the airport road to Kozhikode town and beyond, … Continue reading Mosques, Calicut, Ramadan – XV