The Choices you Make

Father and son are seen having a serious conversation outside a counseling session hall. There are seats being allocated on the basis of ranks earned from the entrance exam test. The institute is reputedly one of the best to study languages and literature in India. The exchange between father and son would decide the course … Continue reading The Choices you Make

The Muslim on Wheels

As a frequent traveller by train from Calicut/Udupi to Delhi, I have come to be a part of innumerable conversations with my co-passengers. What a train journey does better than a flight or a bus is that it facilitates interaction between passengers during the 40 odd hour long journeys, where passengers are forced to interact, … Continue reading The Muslim on Wheels

Folk Scenes in Karnataka

There is a rich folk tradition in Karnataka and the reason behind this is mostly historical. There is an urgent need to understand the richness and variety in folk tradition today. The political powers in contemporary India are trying to define the country based on the framework of a ‘Vedic’ tradition. To understand the ground … Continue reading Folk Scenes in Karnataka

Sample Vedikettu!

Njan karudi, enne polatte, naattinnu porattu jenicchu valarna oru Malayali'kku Malayalattil ezhuduga ennu paranjaal kuracchu edangaar aavum ennu. Ezhudunnadd idh Roman script'il aanengilum idinu nera maricchu nalla oru 'flow' ulla pole. Malayalattil ezhudugayum vaayikkugayum illengilum, idh vare English'il vaayiccha Malayala cheriya kathagalilokke njan aalogikkunnaddh Malayalattilaann. Enekk nammala naadum, adinde reethikalum, onnum aarum paranjo, padipiccho tarendadu … Continue reading Sample Vedikettu!